Kigurumi Cosplay For Everyone Else

Hey guys, RinRin here! This is another “Making of” type post, but more of a tutorial. Most of us who make masks get a lot of questions in regard to  [ Read More ]

Written by Sofa Here’s a thing I made to explain RTPS’s kigmaking process to people and it would’ve been a good idea to post it here earlier but I did  [ Read More ]

Well, it’s that time of year, and not the one that involves waking up on Christmas morning with a nasty hangover, in bed next to a chimera. That’s right, it’s  [ Read More ]

Written by Sofa. Photographed by Sofa, Jesse, and assorted folks. Thursday, 22MAY14 A certain weekend in late May, on which Memorial Day falls, means quite a bit to me. Aside  [ Read More ]

Written and photographed by Sofa. Sunday, 06APR14 Krakencon was an event that occurred. So I spent all Saturday looking at rocks (rocks that, mind ye, are a vital piece of  [ Read More ]

Written and photographed by Sofa. Saturday, Some day in February I forget I had to crash at my mom’s house after being discharged from the service. Aimless, broke, and disappointed  [ Read More ]

Written and photographed by Sofa. Wednesday, 12FEB14   I finally persuaded Cici and Jesse to come up my way for once, since I was sick of having to burn so  [ Read More ]

Written and photographed by Sofa. Saturday, 25JAN14 I remember I was just about to call it a night on Friday the 24th when I received a message from Cici, regarding  [ Read More ]

Written by Sofa Photography by Kanata and Sofa   Wednesday morning came, and all that for which we’d come to this place had transpired. With our brief ten hours of  [ Read More ]

Written by Sofa Photography by Sofa and also some other people whose names will remain undisclosed.   We’d made a call last night, and were expecting a visitor. Which the  [ Read More ]

Papercraft Mask Maki

Hey guys, RinRin here! This is another "Making of" type ...

Katyusha and Nonna:

Written by Sofa Here's a thing I made to explain RTPS's ...

Kigurumi Mapping Pro

Well, it's that time of year, and not the one ...

Kigurumi Cosplay Onl

SPREAD THE WORD... ...We know we all wanted to have this. So ...

World first debut, b

At long last, the blinking eyes project is completed. This ...

All current masks co

I know it has been a long while, and a ...

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