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Happy Easter 2009~<3

A good day everyone~_ Took time to make these things ~_~ Oh, hmm the white PVC bunny suit seem to be much softer than the black PVC one… The black PVC one being thicker, was less stretchy and thus showing  [ Read More ]

Easter photoshoot preview starts. Oh… HAPPY EASTER~!!!

Hi hi everyone, Its already easter, and I think I won’t be able to make it in time to finish the entire gallery before the day is over, so I guess I can put up the pitures bit by bit.  [ Read More ]

The new mask made by modifying the C2 mask is finished. It is up for a quick sale. I intend to make a new one so I hope to earn some fundings from this to proceed. If you are keen  [ Read More ]

Any ideas inform viewers?

Phew, breaks are nice~^_^ I’m having a break now so there will be more time to summon Yu and C2 to come on live. But the question most kigurumi cosplayers have when they want to go on live is how  [ Read More ]

If you’re Chinese today will be a very special day for you. Not only Chinese I suppose, anyone who uses the Lunar calendar, today would be a new year~^_^ Wishing everyone a very Happy Lunar New Year and a fantastic  [ Read More ]

Merry Christmas everyone~!!! Its Christmas 2008… phew~ its the second Christmas that I’ve been kigurumi-ing now. Is everyone having a relaxing holiday season? Well even if you’re working, you can still feel the mood~ ^_^~ As promised, I’ve opened the  [ Read More ]

Before I talk about the post, I will like to give acknowledgments to gfcdanny for his generous christmas donation. Thank you Danny, and I wish you a Merry Christmas and a fantastic 2009 new year~^_^ For the Christmas period, check  [ Read More ]

Did a short shoot today and had a little live session for a while. The costume is the same as before, just that this time, CC herself is wearing it. I’ve included some images below from the cosplay session. Kinda  [ Read More ]

Yu cosplays CC

I’ve taken a slack off the site building routine and took a little venture into the Yu mask’s versatility. She cosplayed as CC and looked really into it. If you’re familiar with the CC character, this attire is one of  [ Read More ]

New site update

Ok don’t want to spam on my own blog, just appending it with new messages. I think the main part of the blog are mostly completed. A new layout and the new links I needed. By the way, help me  [ Read More ]

BAKA on Display

Written and photographed by Sofa. Saturday, 25JAN14 I remember I was just ...

Road to Fame – Day

Written by Sofa Photography by Kanata and Sofa   Wednesday morning came, and ...

Road to Fame – Day

Written by Sofa Photography by Sofa and also some other people ...

Kigurumi Cosplay Onl

SPREAD THE WORD... ...We know we all wanted to have this. So ...

World first debut, b

At long last, the blinking eyes project is completed. This ...

All current masks co

I know it has been a long while, and a ...

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