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Rin Rin and Chrislizzy

Hello everyone. Have you ever wondered about the politeness rules and guidelines for animegao kigurumi cosplay? Or maybe how to be safe? If you are at a convention, offline meeting, or public place, staying safe and healthy is very important.
What happens before, during, and after a performance is vital, so lets read about the guidelines and ”Health & safety”.

~Rules and practice at offline/meetings, and at conventions~


  1. when in kigurumi cosplay, do not speak.
  2. when in kigurumi cosplay, do not unmask in prescience of outsiders.
  3. when in kigurumi cosplay, behave appropriately to the character’s personality.
  4. if you are a handler, look out for malfunctions in the cosplayer’s costume and fix it proactively.
  5. if you are a handler, prevent outsiders from touching the kigurumi cosplayer inappropriately.
  6. if you are a handler, look out for obstacles in the cosplayers foot path and aid accordingly.
  7. if you are a handler, you are expected to stay with the cosplayer until they change out.
  8. if you are a handler, make sure that the cos-players can wait for you safely when you leave or swap out with another handler.
  9. keep pictures of with kigurumi cosplayers unmasked away from public.
  10. please share your pictures with the people you met in person during the offline meeting.
  11. please ask for permission before trying out kigurumi masks owned by another person. Yes or not depends on the owner, do not expect a definite yes.
  12. if the picture you taken has another kigurumi cosplayer or person inside, ask if they do not mind for it to be posted before you post it publicly.
  13. respect one another and be thankful to your host/guide.
  14. share the pictures you taken with the public as much as possible while abiding with the above practices.
  15. recommend the hobby to your friends,(or other people, like cos-players ^_^)
  16. Do not perform in public without a handler unless you are very experienced.

Performing in kigurumi is just like any other art form!

So, the next question is the ”Health”-topic. Before you choose kigurumi as a hobby, make sure you know and understand any personal health issues that could pose a risk. Also, please inform your mask maker of any of these problems.

Listed below are health-related risks to look out for.

  • Epilepsy(CNLD)
  • claustrophobia
  • Allergies
  • Heart problems
*If you have lung or heart issues, it’s advisable that you don’t perform for longer than an hour. Ventilation is minimal inside the mask, heat and airflow may be an issue.


As for the ”safety”, every kigurumi performer needs a handler. They are the best safety a performer can have. They can be friends or family, anyone you trust. A handler is like a watchful mother, keeping track of the time and surroundings, and handling the audience. I did some research on handling, but a helpful forumer was able to provide the answers. We will cover Handling before and during a performance.

First before performing, part 1:

  1. When possible, Performer and Handler should walk around where the performance will take place, in ordinary clothes. To look for obstacles, to find private places where the Performer can remove mask in an emergency, to find the best bathrooms. To know where to get water.
  2. Performer and Handler should discuss the character’s personality and story. So that Handler can answer questions from the audience. So Handler will know how the character is going to react. ( Afraid of spiders, always chases after string or ribbons, for example )
  3. Performer should tell Handler of any health problems. Allergies, Asthma, Heart.
  4. Review hand signs for things like, I’m hot, I need a break, I’m uncomfortable, HELP!, I need to pee NOW, Take a picture for me of…
  5. Performer should show Handler how to remove Kig mask, how to undo costume. Handler should find out where Performer’s line of sight and blind spots are.
  6. Performer and Handler should discuss the route the performance will take, How long Performer is comfortable in Character. How long they want to perform, or other time limits.

Then during a performance, part 2:

  1. Handler should carry any medications Performer may need, and know how to administer to Performer. Or at least know how to get Performer out of costume enough to self administer.
  2. Handler should know the signs to watch for, that indicate Performer is in trouble. Performers don’t always realize they have gone too far.
  3. If not carrying water specifically for Performer, Handler should carry at least a means for Performer to drink. ( Straws, special sports bottles, plastic tubing, )
  4. Handler must remember to drink as well. Wear a hat if performance is outdoors and sunny.
  5. Handler should carry Performer’s Photo ID, in the event it’s required.
  6. Handler should always refer to, or address Performer by Character’s name.
  7. Where possible, Handler should wear clothing to make audience think he’s / she’s with the Character.
  8. Audience will always ask Performer questions directly, assuming they can see, hear, and understand the language. Handler has to be ready to step in and act as interpreter if required.
  9. When dealing with children, they may not want to have anything to do with the character, despite their parents wishes. Performer can sometimes make situation better, by Kneeling down to child’s level.
  10. When dealing with children, it is good practice for Performer to not touch them in any way that could be considered restraining them, hand on shoulder for example. In fact
  11. Performer should make sure that both hands are visible in any pictures being taken.
  12. When working in groups, Handler must be prepared to be polite but firm, in order to keep Performer from being separated from the rest of group. Audiences will always insist on just one more picture.
  13. Handler must be ready to carry props and become part of the act as required. Performer should be aware of how much stuff Handler is carrying. Performer should watch to make sure Handler’s OK as well

Miss kiki

So we come to the end of the rules and ”health & safety”, I hope you learned something, or perhaps I learned from you! I thank you have read this far to point, and have pleasure in kigurumi, as a hobby and art~ And ”Art” is a way to open the heart of the artist, first some paint, then the way to creativity^-^ Perform well, and I hope to see you in the forums, or perhaps on the live, or somewhere else. Greetings from the editor,

Aqua Waterland (Edited and spell-checked by RinRin)

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