Kigurumi Cosplay For Everyone Else

Merry Christmas 2012

sendIt is once again that time of the year for festive activities.


The cover girl this time around is Yuuki Asuna from the hit animation: Sword Art Online.

Ever since her release from the prison up in Yggdrasil, Asuna has been preparing for the perfect present to give to Kirigaya Kazuto (Kirito).
And She has decided that Kirito would surely love her present to him as a Santa girl~
And so, the photos attached in this gallery of of Asuna in her red and white Santa girl outfit.

For those of you who have already added me on Facebook, you should have seen some of the pictures already.
Nevertheless, they are released here for the first time in full, so I hope you will enjoy it.

I hope that you will spend more time with your family or friends or both during this period in time.
Be safe and have a great time.
If you have any interesting stories or photos, I hope you can share them with the community as well~

There are a few topics worth mentioning from the forums, they are:

The kigurumi Christmas party thread organised by Jovina:

Rinrin’s paper craft kigurumi mask project pioneer full attempt:

Cici’s kigurumi mask for project for Project Artifact*:

Subaru, the talented artist’s dollfie and artwork thread. Who could have imagined that Subaru is so talented:

Don’t forget to check out Natsuru’s Santa Girl outfit~

Do check out the threads featured above.
They all contain quite the interesting talking points.

And finally, here are the photos of Santa girl Yuuki Asuna from her Christmas photo shoot.

I hope you will like it, and please add me on Facebook and like my page at

Until next time, have a Merry Christmas once again, and a wonderful new year~^__^


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