Kigurumi Cosplay For Everyone Else

Quad Tails? Variable Mouth Kig?

What a long overdue update~
I’ve been having most of my activities on Facebook lately, its gonna not doing the blog much good.
Phew, in fact Facebook is making blogging for anyone a difficult thing to focus on hehe.
Its mainly because Facebook is so convenient to use for updates~

Well, anyway, I wish you will add me on Facebook or at least click on the big “LIKE” button on my Facebook page so that we can keep in touch and you can see the latest photos I post up~^_^
My Facebook page is btw~^__^

Back to topic, as the fun of innovations go, something new has been crazily dreamt up.
So if Hatsune Miku’s double ponytails are called Twin tails~
What do you call four ponytails~^__^?

I just call it the Quad Tails yay~!!!

The Saya custom you see on the left is the new hairstyle for the same one and only blinking eye Saya mask.
Also the mask used to cosplay Hatsune Miku.
And on her new bright blond hair, there are 4 ponytails. adding to the extra volume and curls~

The 4 ponytails does add additional weight to the mask, plus the battery packs in the blinking eye mask, I think this would be the heaviest mask ever~
But who cares, she’s superbly cute and alluring~^__^

She’s wearing a gray halterneck figure hugging top with a pair of white shorts.
Friends on Facebook thinks her style resembles that of a 1960 fashion model~
Hehe, not bad at all I find.
Be sure to check out the pictures posted below as well as more posted in my Facebook Page gallery~

A double topic this time just to aid catching up the backlog sooner.

What is this?

A smiling Saya mask?
Making a cut the mask would destroy a mask and take ages to finish.
And for non mask makers, its practically out of possibility.

Well, don’t be surprised at this interesting and innovative Idea I thought up which I call the Variable Mouth Kig mask technique~^_^

If you wish to know what it is about, just watch the video link below.
It is self explanatory.

In a nutshell, the smiling mouth is a decal attached over the normal mouth.
I just used  photoshop to design a simple mouth design, printed it out, and attached it non destructively to the mask using BluTack.

The best thing is, it will work for any mask as long as their mouth is smaller than the decal.
So unfortunately for already opened mouth kigurumi masks, it might not be possible to cover it up without having significant markings.
So another note is, its probably a better idea to get a closed mouth kig in the future~^_^

Also, more photos of the different expressions possible on the mask which can be changed almost instantaneously~^__^
How convenient is that~^_^
More photos also found on my Facebook Page~please LIKE the page or subscribe to see new updates~

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