Kigurumi Cosplay For Everyone Else

Large army of kigs in the making.

Just finished 6 masks in a relatively short period of time due to a special order.
Its really cool to see that kigurumi masks are becoming popular and fans are growing in numbers.
I hope that after I cleared the current order, I will find some time to start making some new mask designs.

The title image on the main page shows 4 Saya customs and 2 T-fa customs, there is actually another Saya still sitting in the mold.
And all that have to be finished before I can go for my end of year holidays~^_^;
Of the masks on the table, two you might already recognise are the Aira and Asuka masks.

Only the Aira mask is the orignal one.
The other masks, including the Asuka mask are brand new unused masks.
The Asuka mask has just been customised in that way.

You might notice the other two new masks on the table, its a blond Saya and a Hatsune Miku Saya custom mask.

Took the liberty of taking a few quick snaps in the Hatsune Miku custom.
Posted some pictures onto my facebook, and I will post more here shortly.
Its just a rushed shoot as I imagine I might have to send the mask off really soon.
By the time the mask is finished, it is already 2am, so there wasn’t that much time and energy to do a full one anyway.

Talking about more kigurumi mask buyers around the world, Kaze Hikarinaka posed an interesting question on the mass production of kigurumi masks here:
What is your say on this?
Who knows there may be cheap kigurumi masks for everyone in the near future, and its all started by an eager entreprenuer~^_^


One Response so far.

  1. MikuMew says:

    I dream one day to have a mask of Miku like this! *—–*

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