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Let Kigurumi cosplay bring your cosplay to the next level

You have seen the wonders of kigurumi cosplay. Do you wish to be able to cosplay like that if you have the chance to? Well now is your chance. Live Wear Yu is pleased to bring you professionally made beautiful and high quality kigurumi cosplay masks that is both affordable and easily accessible.

Look no further for beautiful and professionally made kigurumi cosplay products. Why settle for anything less?

Pay in parts. (Find out more in "How to Order")

Click on the icons on the left or the links below and start living your fantasy.
Mask designs Check out the current available mask models for sale.
Full Bodysuit Order a skin coloured full bodysuit to complete the illusion.
Specifications Find out more about the masks.
How to order See how easy it is to order your kigurumi mask.
Special offers. Look here to see if any items are up for a quick sale.

Don't forget to check out the special offers available today!


Disclaimer (Important)

There is a strict code of conduct for anigao kigurumi cosplayers. Please download and read the Order and Agreement form. Buyers have to sign and return a scanned copy of section 4 of the document in order to finalise the purchase. The form can be downloaded here: Live Wear Yu Kigurumi Order and Agreement

Please contact me by email to place an order or if you have any questions regarding mask purchases. Customised mask designs are also welcomed subjected to complexity of design and prices may vary.

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