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EMAIL wyukig "at" (replace the "at" with @)
Facebook/Twitter Userid is Wyukig.
MSN LIVE Before adding me into MSN, you must read the following.
Please introduce yourself in the forums or send me an email telling me who you are. I will add you instead.
Users must be using the MSN Live client and using Windows operating system only as only then webcam chat can take place.
If you have read the message above, please click on the word "introduce" above.
Anyone who adds me into MSN directly will be blocked.


How to reach me:

If it is a general question, why not post it in the forums. I monitor the forums daily and prefer to share the answer to a good question with other visitors anytime. Just register yourself in the forums to post. Even if you don't want to post, do still register to let me know you've visited~^_^
If is it a personal message, I prefer to be contacted via email. Email me at
Other means of finding me and my work are listed under "How to reach me" above.
For users who will like to chat on MSN with me, please read the rules carefully. Please introduce yourself properly in the forums or email me first. If I get anonymous MSN requests they will get blocked >_<
Only users using MSN Live Messenger using Windows operating systems should add me into MSN. Otherwise Live Chat sessions will not work.

What are my hobbies:
Cycling, Badminton, Cooking (I cook really good food, and lotsa cuisines too, Chinese, Western, Indian, Japanese lots more), Hanging out with friends, MMORPGs, Anime, Experimenting with PC hardware (yes, I'm a PC hardware enthusiast), Creating art, Assembling plastic model kits and more. I love to eat too. Do come by to try out multi-cultural/multi-national food here~. Not to forget, making anime kigurumi masks and performing kigurumi cosplays are some of the hobbies I'm busy with now.

What am I doing now:
Working and earning an income.

What about the masks:
I've made various anime kigurumi masks and I'm commissioning them in a small scale to earn some extra income. If you're interested in a mask, do check out the "Mask Sale" link on my page. I've currently a couple of designs now, and they number of designgs are still growing. Custom designed anime kigurumi masks are welcomed.

What if you want a mask:
As I just mentioned, please take a look at the "Mask Sale" link on my website. All the details about mask sales are there.

If you have any other topics which you recommend adding into my introduction, please inform me. I will be glad to add more into my introduction here.