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Postby cloud » Wed Dec 02, 2015 9:04 am

As I cant seam to edit the front post, will post the updates as a new post and hope people find it over here on the 5th or something page.

How to be added
If you are willing to be added to the map then please contact me with the following details:
  • Name:
  • Location: (at least down to town level, if you live in a large city, like London, then what area you live in)
  • Message: (to be added to the map)
  • Status: (kig or kig fan)
  • Contact info / link: (e-mail, Facebook, twitter, ect. NOT accepting phone number or full address)
  • Picture Links: (Kigs only)
Contact me here through PM or on this thread, through facebook, skype (Cloud Tied) or e-mail ( me.

How will the pictures be displayed?
The pictures will be added to your map marker, so when someone clicks on the marker they will see int the information that their are some pictures, and when they click on this it will show them the pictures using the full window. The pictures should be of your kig and should help people to recognize who you are, I will not be adding many per person so try to pick some of your best pictures to show off.

For best results and ease of use its best if you can give me URL's to the pictures, and for the pictures to be of a good size while being small enough to load. I will review every picture before it gets added and will ensure that according to my standards it is family safe before adding it.

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