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Best Christmas Dessert Ideas

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Postby trananh » Fri Oct 28, 2016 6:01 pm

Best Christmas Dessert Ideas
How many days until Christmas? Christmas is an annual holiday to express the feeling to the loved ones. It is a time for family, for friends, for the other ones they love. People will return to their home, have a great family reunion and enjoy some traditional foods together. To have a full of happiness, the desserts are also expected so What will you make the dessert for your family at this time? Let’s try these desserts:

1. Christmas Pudding

Christmas Pudding is a popular meal on this occasion, especially in England. It’s also a kind of favorite cake for anyone. Because of the super simple ingredients with only eggs, milk and butter so many people can make it anytime they want. There are many kinds of cakes and you can mix it with some fruits you like. I’m sure it will be a tasty dessert so I think it’s one of the best choices for your desserts at Christmas time.

Best Christmas Dessert Ideas

2. Pumpkin Cookies

This is a great choice at this time. These cakes can be soft or crisp base on your baking, not too tough and a special thing is it will not be dry although you don’t use it immediately. With the pumpkin smell, these cakes will be a good option for your family if they like pumpkin. They are healthy cakes because of the sweet of the pumpkin so you don’t need to use too much sugar. You should consider making this cake for the dessert party.

Best Christmas Dessert Ideas 1

3. Cheesecake

Cheesecake chocolate is a kind of sweet cakes made from chocolate and cheese. If you like chocolate and cheese as well, I think there is no option better than this one for your dessert. You can make some cream on the top of the cake. There are plenty of smells you can make. If you like chocolate, mango, coconut or passion fruit, choose the one you like for this one.

Cheesecake is best Christmas Dessert Ideas

4. Candy Cane

Candy Cane is a traditional candy. It often appears in this time, you can use it for the dessert or to decorate your Christmas tree. With two main colors are red and white and it looks like a cane. But if you rotate it, it will become the “ J” letter. This letter symbolizes for Jesus Christ. These candy canes are crisp and lovely. I think you should use it for the dessert as well and I’m sure you’re your children will love it so much.

Best Christmas Dessert Ideas 4

5. Apple Cider

The drink is an important part of the dessert. With the great smell, Apple Cider is a typically slight wine made from fruits and often used in the Halloween or Christmas time. Apple Cider can use for anyone, not except for children also. It considered a traditional drink for Christmas dessert.

Best Christmas Dessert Ideas 4

Christmas is a great time for everyone to get together, the great dessert can’t lack for the dinner after everyone have done with the main meals and enjoy the dessert next to to the Christmas tree. That is a wonderful atmosphere, and it will be great if you try to make these desserts I recommended to have more fun at this time.

Have a great Christmas!
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