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Welcome to my forums, please remember to comment. Your feedback and encouragements mean a lot to everyone. New members, there are some guidelines to help you in the announcements inside. Thank you~^_^
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New members, please introduce yourself in the introduction threads~^_^ New members only need to get their first 3 posts approved and further posting will not require approval. Your involvement is much appreciated, and I wish you will enjoy yourself and find the information here useful~^_^

Postby Kiichi » Mon Dec 12, 2016 8:12 am

Hi I'm from Mexico, so I speak spanish, so please dismiss any error or bad grammar that I could have.
I'm a student in computer science, IT, I am 24 years since january 2017.
I have knowledge of programming languages like C++ & Java, but I have more experience in web programming, php, javascript, etc, ecommerce, etc.
But I like arts, drawing, sculpting, I would like to say I play instruments but don't have enough time.
Now, I know many of you have profiles in many other sites like facebook, youtube, flickr, twitter
and that's why here seems that no one is interested now, more active age was like in 2013 2014.
But still there's more to come. And more will be interested.
Is easier in FB to receive comments and "cheers and support" from fans and followers.
But one just can't give likes and comments without FB auto sharing with everyone on their feeds.
(o.O) Usagii!!
(> < )
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New born Kig
New born Kig
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Postby Red » Sun Dec 25, 2016 6:42 am

Hello, I hope this is the introduction thread :) , my name is Red! Nice to be apart of this society!
I'm from Israel, and I just like this whole topic of Kigurumi!(SO CUTE)

I love making music, gaming, modeling and much more!

I'm happy to meet y'all and I hope that I can be helpful!
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New born Kig
New born Kig
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