Kigurumi Cosplay For Everyone Else

Road to Fame – Day 3

Written by Sofa

Photography by Kanata and Sofa


Wednesday morning came, and all that for which we’d come to this place had transpired. With our brief ten hours of glory having come to pass, we had naught to do but bask in the afterglow as we trudged home the way we came.

Since our homebound route would take us past what most of the folks back home had already seen in the Day 1 post, we decided the best course of action would be to don our zentai and kigurumi- still drenched in the filth and sweat from yesterday’s happenings- and make frequent stops to pester passersby and take pictures as usual. Then, upon getting a whiff of aforementioned sweat and filth, we decided maybe we should let it all dry out a bit first and change out a ways down the road.

We left the hotel, Cici complained about the management refusing to accept her as royalty, and Oreh was dropped off at her residence- thus did we get underway.


Cici and I changed out at a rest stop beyond the pass, and not a moment was spared as Kanata snatched up my camera like a glistening coin by some adorable, fiberglass-headed raccoon, and proceeded to document our unleashing of kigurumi onto unsuspecting motorists.

With Cici situated in the front and my chunky self in the back, Kanata was thereby entrusted with the helm. So we prayed to whatever deities may have been that our inevitable demise on this lonely stretch of pavement be as painless as possible.

Further along, we paid our fare to Charon only to find that that the Asphodel Meadows were a bit disappointing.


They did have this charming little establishment, however.

There’s really only so many pictures that can be taken on a drive through such a place while keeping it interesting, especially when one’s camera dies despite having charged it the night prior.

Not one to be outdone, I was the only one who hadn’t changed out when, at about 2030, we stepped out onto the familiar sidewalk outside Ride the Pig studios. Cargo was unloaded, farewells were said, and Cici was excluded from eating Vietnamese food on the way to drop off Kanata at the train station. Thus did I find myself alone in my car, after what seemed like a week seated silently in the back of Cici’s.

The title “Road to Fame” was bestowed upon this blog series by Kanata- I for one wanted to call it “BAKA does LA”. Because the thing is, I was never under the impression that fame greater than that we already have would play any part of this, even though that which we currently have is better classified as infamy. As for the “road” thereto, that might imply this would have been the beginning of a greater string of events ultimately leading there, and as I sit here in the welcoming dankness of my apartment, from which I’ve been separated for the better part of three days, I find that reading over those words strikes me with a sense of dread. I feel a chill crawl up my spine as I realize we’d just hurled our images right into the bustling traffic of the Los Angeles film media industry, and for all I know we might just have taken our first steps down that titular road, and that terrifies me.

The English language simply cannot accommodate the emotions brought on by that poisonous cocktail of implacable shock and trepidation, and the knowledge that you walked right into it- you willingly opened and stepped through the door, you willingly disrobed and donned that second skin, and you willingly stuffed that mask over your head to show it to the world. You knew a threshold had been crossed and you kept going, against your better judgment, and now the mask grows unsettlingly heavy, and more a part of you than you could possibly imagine. A whimsical notion at best, and a terrifying revelation at worst.

This little outing has come to pass- but the fruit it might just bear have yet to appear. Only time will tell.


Written by Sofa

Photography by Kanata and Sofa

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