Kigurumi Cosplay For Everyone Else

Yu In Latex Wear and PVC

It has been a really long time since I have put up a few fetish costumes in a row~^_^; There just isn’t as many costumes that attracted my attention for the time being… hehe. Also, I need to save up more money to do other fun things too~^_^.

If anyone of you wish to contribute to me with some funds, buying a mask now is the right time~^_^ Let your friends know too… hehe I might be able to give you a discount as a thank you gift if you found me a buyer~^_^

As I was saying, I used to cosplay in more fetish related costumes more often when I started kigurumi cosplaying as I didn’t have that many themed or cosplay costumes to try on. Eventually I started having more and more anime and game related costumes, and cosplayed all of my favourite characters hehe~ Thank goodness for the versitility of the Yu mask, I was able to cosplay all of my favourite anime characters easily with only a change of a wig~^_^

Hehe now I can’t think of anything to cosplay as… I thought I try a few costumes which I have always wanted to get a feel of. Got myself a full latex catsuit… learnt a fair bit of managing, putting on, and shining of such a costume over the past few days. Unlike the black PVC Japanese kigurumi inspired suit which does not need polishing, latex is kinda… troublesome to tend to.

The pictures shown here are already the 4th time I have worn and adapted to the suit, I didn’t took pictures before and it wasn’t polished at all in the beginning. Only did live chats and only people who joined had seen it. Hmm its really a hot attire to be in… hot both in the temperature and of course appearance hehe >_

Well, I always enjoyed seeing cute women in tight latexwear myself… but being the person in the suit is a different feeling altogether. Well… the tightness and second skin feeling is nice… but its actually quite uncomfortable. Perhaps I’m just not used to it yet. Its all nice and good to see Yu in the mirror, pictures and video, but I’m kinda enduring the whole time while in the catsuit. Its very sticky inside, the rubber is stuck on my skin all over my body and my sweat has formed water puddles in the water proof suit hehe~ Slusshing of water and squeaking of the bubbles can be heard when I move about. Its not a bad experience I mean, but its not really comfortable lol… would be nice if anyone who are veterans or know something about this to share your thoughts in the forum.

Anyway, sorry for the long pause in updates, I’ve been doing quite a fair bit of stuff lately including the ordering of the new skin toned bodysuit for kigurumi here:

And sending off Caugun’s mask… all mentioned in the forums. As for the shoot, I’ve taken quite a few pictures and a couple of video performances. The shots below has the PVC boots and PVC black dress worn on the Latex suit to make it more interesting. I’ll post up more pictures of the more boring Yu in latex suit only pictures soon. Keep a lookout~^_^

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